Automotive Parts - proof of quality is in the details

An attractive form, protection and functionality -
this is what our products for the automotive industry are all about,
with the highest quality possible.

Our designers know that the form and colour of a product label is a sign
of quality for the entire vehicle.

We decide upon design elements based on their technical feasibility.
Our testing lab checks the suitability of our materials for every
required area of use.

Our wide range of products:
Brand labels, decorative mouldings, B-pillar decorations
protective plates, stuff plates (also illuminated),
protective strips against rock impact, logos, reflectors...

refined with:
- brilliant screen printing colours - also as effect colours such as flop colours
- embossing
- laser engraving
- doming
- nobel shape doming
- aromas
- real materials, such as carbon or aluminium
- electroluminescent film

You can find a number of design examples here...